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Welcome to Münster!

The track record of Münster as a convention centre begun as early as in the 17th century. For four years, 150 delegations made the town a setting for the negotiations to end the Thirty Years War. The conclusion of the treaty in the Hall of Peace of the historical town hall went down in global history.

Success stayed with Münster - today, the Westphalian metropolis is an innovative and potent business location, a vibrant centre of students' life, a modern large city providing unique shopping opportunities and, last but not least, a green, healthy, and liveable city.

Facts well worth knowing
Münster has 280,000 inhabitants, including about 50,000 students. This comes as no surprise, since Münster is the third largest university town in Germany. Being an academic centre, Münster also benefits in economic terms of course. As is demonstrated by rankings drawn up in the last years: Münster is a much emergent, modern, and progressive location full of potential. This was at last proven by taking second position behind Munich in the city ranking provided by the “Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft” (INSM) and the “Wirtschaftswoche”.

A powerful network
The KONGRESSINITIATIVEMS has set the goal to further develop the successful tradition of Münster and the Münsterland as a location for conventions. New offerings such as the “Welcome! Ticket Münster” or the congress office Münster Marketing specifically founded for this purpose make Münster and the Münsterland even more attractive for planners and organisers. Here, you’re provided the best prerequisites for tailor-made events and successful conventions.

Why Münster? 5 good reasons
Make use of our free service and benefit from the advantages!

  • Customer-oriented one-stop congress management
  • Vacancy overviews and hotel booking service (covering Münster and the Münsterland)
  • Free “Welcome! Ticket Münster” for all attendees*
    (for any number of road and rail trips within the municipal area of Münster including night busses for the duration of your meeting)

Additional provisions for conventions in the national and international catchment area:

  • Free of charge shuttles from the Muenster Osnabrueck International Airport and back*
  • Deutsche Bahn tickets at discounted rates*

    *These services are available to you if your event includes at least one overnight stay, with your drawing on the congress office Münster Marketing for accommodation booking services.

We appreciate your interest and contacting us!

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