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Münster University of Applied Sciences

Success is based on quality

The Münster University of Applied Sciences is in line with a long-standing educational tradition: created in 1971 by the association of state and private schools of construction and engineering and institutions providing occupational technical training, it belongs to the largest and most successful advanced technical colleges in Germany today.

The Münster University of Applied Sciences claims to be the first address in education and practise-oriented research. Correspondingly, quality is the basis for all fields of work of the technical college: it sets the standard in teaching based on its diversified offerings in line with market demands; it is the foundation for the excellent success in research with the nationally highest third-party funds quota, and what’s more, it is the driving force for companies to enter into strategic alliances and partnerships with the technical college.

These combined quality features do coin the image of this modern high-performance and, first and foremost, customer-oriented college.

Being a customer-oriented college, it also finds itself in the host role to a large extent. Therefore, being a member in the KONGRESSINITIATIVE MS  is a matter of course. All parties benefit from the exchange (of experiences) with all relevant institutions participating in the organisation of conventions. The professors, being organisers of numerous conferences and conventions, are perfectly supported by the congress office.

But the Münster University of Applied Sciences is all by itself an outstanding platform for events of advanced education, conventions and seminars. During the free period - mostly in the holidays, in the evenings or on the weekends - the rooms of the college are up for rental. The different characters and sizes of the buildings provide the proper backdrop to all occasions. There are rooms for eight to 400 attendees.

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