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Muenster Osnabrueck International Airport

With a volume of about 1.6 million passengers, Muenster Osnabrueck International Airport (FMO) ranks among the 19 international passenger airports in Germany. It is the central airport for the western part of Lower Saxony, Westphalia, and also for the eastern Netherlands. The FMO is a “full package provider” providing best global connections. Beside flights to the major hub airports of the various airline alliances such as Frankfurt or Munich, there is also a comprehensive tourist offering around the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, and the Red Sea. The over 20 renowned airline companies approaching the FMO include, among others, Lufthansa, Air Berlin and Sky-Airlines.

An important prerequisite for the success of the FMO is its excellent infrastructure that has been consequently developed during the past years. A second terminal building was set up in 2001, and an airfreight terminal in 2007 in order to make the FMO fit for the future. Since 2011 there is a direct feeder road to the A1. 
As a member of the KONGRESSINITIATIVE MS, the FMO is not just an attractive destination or starting point for journeys. The combination of familiar atmosphere and the international air of a modern passenger airport also makes the FMO attractive as an event platform for conferences, conventions, seminars or product presentations, giving a particular touch to any event.

For this purpose, the airport terminal houses five modern conference rooms and various event facilities. Being a member of the KONGRESSINITIATIVE MS the FMO is therefore an alternative and partner for extraordinary events.

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