Kongressinitiative Münster





The aim of the MÜNSTERLAND e.V. association is to present the Münsterland nationally and internationally as an attractive, future-oriented, and dynamic region and, at the same time, to strengthen the identification of the Münsterland's residents with "their" region.

The activities of the association focus on four areas: economy, science and research, tourism and culture. The creation of networks integrating politics, companies, communes, chambers, universities and associations on the one hand and the touristic and cultural sector on the other hand are still in the centre of the activities.

On the one hand, competitions are announced to form a platform for the exchange of different areas of the Münsterland, thus bringing people together that are involved in the region in various ways. On the other hand, projects are established in the touristic sector to highlight the particularities of the Münsterland and draw visitors to the region.

Based on a great number of cooperation projects, the MÜNSTERLAND e.V. is involved in the dynamic development of the region. For example, it attempts, together with the partners in the KONGRESSINITIATIVE MS to popularise the region as an attractive conference and convention centre. The MÜNSTERLAND e.V. makes use of its contacts to potential multiplicators by presenting suitable event facilities, accommodation and accompanying programmes. Visitors get to know the region’s competences in the economic and touristic sectors as well as spread them beyond the boundaries of the Münsterland.

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