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University of Münster

The scientific centre of Westphalia

The University of Münster (WWU) is one of the largest universities in Germany and, at the same time, one of the richest in tradition. Founded in 1780, it saw a changeful history, transiently lost its status as a university, and was restored its full rights as a university in 1902.

Today, the university is attended by almost 43,000 students in over 130 programmes of study - from archaeology to zoology - in 15 departments and faculties. Around 4,500 successful degree holders depart from the university each year to launch an academical career. As “alumni”, they happily and regularly return to their “alma mater” and their popular place of study that is Münster.

The WWU also ranks among the excellent scientific institutions when it comes to research, having developed a high research profile in natural sciences and the humanities, in jurisprudence and economics as well as in medicine. It specifically promotes world-class research in highly productive areas in combination with fostering excellent young researchers.

With its 5,000 members of staff, including 3,300 in the scientific sector, the WWU Münster is one of the largest employers and an important location factor in the Münsterland. Yet, despite the large figures, the dimensions are still humane and manageable. The WWU is not a campus college on the “green field”, but is, with its partially historical buildings, dispersed almost all over the city - and hence situated amidst everyday life.

Being the scientific centre of Westphalia and a member of the KONGRESSINITIATIVE MS the WWU is an organiser and host of academic meetings on a regular basis. From seminars to international conventions, the university boasts an appropriate spectrum of conference rooms and lecture halls with up to 800 seats - among others in the baroque castle, in the central auditorium building at the Hindenburgplatz or the assembly hall on the Lake Aa. The KONGRESSINITIATIVE MS staff empowers the university, together with its members, to fulfil its role as a competent and friendly host of both national and international guests.

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